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While technology is complex and changing, there are definite trends.

  • computational processing is moving to the cloud
  • offices are becoming virtual instead of physical
  • learning is shifting towards online courses
  • technology use is becoming more intuitive.

Information about digital trends can quickly date but not if you look to the fundamentals.

Here you can find info on important trends in the computing and internet space.

Digital technology.


Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

It is amazing, the way technology simplifies life for us, isn’t it? The dowdy old lady sitting at the front desk and hurriedly answering phone calls, or the hassled-looking youth running around with the mail,... Read More

Cloud Based Financial Management

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Digital Dictionaries

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Internet Security’s Weakest Link: Human Memory

Ever since the so called Cognitive Revolution replaced behaviorism with cognitive science, in psychology, human memory and the human mind have been modeled as computer-like. But now, the internet security challenge brings forth what computer scientists... Read More