Author: Jason Taylor

R programming language

6 Reasons to Choose R Programming for Data Science Projects

R is a computer language used for statistical computations, data analysis and graphical representation of data. Created in the 1990s by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, R was designed as a statistical platform for effective data handling, data cleaning, analysis, and representation. Back then R was not a very popular tool but now it has gained […]

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Information technology manager harbor-side

Top Master of IT Management Programs

A Master of Information Technology Management degree is a business management qualification for experienced IT professionals. Learning how to manage and lead in the IT sector is the main idea behind these programs. A big difference exists between a management course and a professional masters, which is intended to build technical skills as much as […]

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Computer information systems manager

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Who’s in charge? These guys and gals. Computer and information systems managers are the CTOs, technology directors and IT project managers who plan, coordinate, direct research on, and implement the technology goals of their organizations — all on time and within budget. The Work As leaders of the technology departments in their organizations, computer and […]

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James Kelly programming

James’ Programming / Systems Developer Career

James Kelly is Chief Technical Officer for a private software company located in Rhode Island.┬áHe sat down with us to share his thoughts on knowledge on how he came to be a successful programmer and systems developer. Editor’s note: This story was first run on October 5, 2005. Background James’┬álove of technology started at a […]

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